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Memorial Day of the Elder Nikolai

August 24 is the day of the memory of the Elder Nikolai.


On the island of Zalita (Talabsk) there is a temple erected in the name of Nicholas the Wonderworker. Its first mentions date back to 1585-1587.


The first temple built on this place was wooden and was built by the local fishermen. Later, in 1792, it was rebuilt using the traditional Pskov building material - limestone slab.





The rector of this church for 44 years was Father Nikolay Guryanov, "the visionary and light spirit of the elder, to whom for support and spiritual strengthening rode from all over the planet"


For pilgrims coming to the islands, the most important are three dates in the year:


May 22 - the day of the memory of the Great Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, August 10 - a holiday in honor of the Smolensk Icon of the Mother of God "Hodegetria" and August 24 - the day of the memory of the Starets Nicholas.





Metropolitan Pskov and Porkhovsky Eusebius heads the divine service every year dedicated to the memory of the elder Nikolai.


After the ceremony, the pilgrims go to the grave with the cross, where a ponyhid is performed on the elderly elder.




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